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Paul Martin's Blog of the Month


As the Chair of the governing body at Redwood I wanted to take an opportunity to highlight some of the work that the governors have recently been involved in to ensure that the leaders of the school are held to account.

At recent meetings, Mrs Maxted has explained to the governors her plans to ensure that high quality provision is in place for every child in school.  Through pupil progress meetings she is able to see if individual children need extra support and to identify the resources to deliver that.

Governors have received presentations and training about the format of the new curriculum, we have had lots of questions to ask about the methods used to ensure that the children in each year group are ‘on track’.  A focus for this has been around Year 6, given the importance of their SATS exams later in the year.

It is evident that the school has been working closely within the Learning Trust to develop an approach to the new curriculum and that staff from all the schools have been working together to develop effective teaching and learning strategies.

Staff members have made presentations to the governing body about Special Educational Needs and Disability provision, about the Pastoral care and about the Maths provision.  All of this has enabled the governors to ask probing questions to understand and to ensure the service that we see in school is the best that it can be.

Governors do have to attend training to give them the skills to fulfil their role on your behalf.  Recent training has focussed on the structure of governance and the scrutiny and accountability that is in place across the Learning Trust in order for the governors to fully understand and carry out their responsibilities.

The governors have recently been involved with staff in the school in conducting a ‘Safeguarding Audit’ to ensure the safety of everyone at school and on school visits.

Similarly, an audit has been conducted which has focussed on the different skills that each governor brings to the school.  This is so that leaders can identify if we have gaps and if possible, recruit governors in the future who have skills to fill those gaps.

We do currently have a vacancy on the governing body for a parent governor; this role is to ensure that governors can see things from a parental perspective.  If anyone is interested in fulfilling this role please get in touch with me via the school office and I would be happy to explain what the commitment and the role involves.  The vacancy is currently being advertised by the school.

I hope you have found this short update useful.