Annual Horticultural Show

The Annual Horticultural Show -   Saturday 19th August 2017.
The show is a lovely event and has over 100 categories with a special section for children which includes:-
Homemade Ginger Biscuits
3 Decorated Cupcakes
Ugliest Vegetable (ages 5-11) – Grown not made
A Handmade Decorated Stone
A Handmade model made from scraps of material (no larger than 51cms/20 inches square)
Lego Model – own Design
A decorated Wooden Spoon
A miniature Sunflower
Miscellaneous (any item that is not included in the above section)
There are also vegetable monsters, scarecrow competition, colouring competition age 2-7 and 8-11 to be made on the day which the Town Council provides all the materials for.
Additionally, the Town Council is running a separate Scarecrow Competition. It is being run week commencing 14th August – Fri 18th August. The competition is open to all organisations, businesses and residents in Maltby. All participants need to register their scarecrow and enter via an entry form (no later than Friday 4th August) which is available from the Town Council, there is no charge to enter.
The Town Council ask that scarecrow’s are left out until around 7pm in the evening, so other villagers can come and look at the scarecrow and participate in the event.
The Town Council needs to know details of the character chosen, a clue – either cryptic or simple to help people guess the scarecrow’s identity and also name and address and telephone number of entrants (parents details for children), so the Town Council can make a map of entries, so people can visit the scarecrows.