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Curriculum Provision

At Maltby Redwood Academy we believe that the school curriculum should be broad and balanced, offering children the opportunity to achieve success in many different areas. Although our curriculum is based on the National expectations, there are other planned opportunities that make up the wider curriculum.

We follow a theme-based approach to learning through Cornerstones, in the belief that children learn best when logical connections are made between different aspects of their work. We believe passionately in giving the children ownership of their learning. We support our children in becoming ‘aspirational’ – aiming high – in order to make the most of their learning opportunities. Maltby Redwood Academy believes in an active partnership between school, pupil and parents. Teaching and learning is matched to pupils preferred learning styles, is differentiated to match ability and makes the most of our developing provision in ICT to support this.

To find out more about the Cornerstones curriculum, please click here.

Each term the children’s learning will be based around a cross-curricular interactive learning project where the children will be able to:


First hand, memorable learning experiences where children have the chance to investigate and explore using all their senses.


Develop and research skills, knowledge and understanding


Apply skills, knowledge and understanding to a creative and inspirational challenge


Perform, share, evaluate and celebrate learning In order to further develop literacy within this provision, each project is linked to key texts to enhance the development of reading and writing.