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KS2 home learning resources

Home Learning Tasks for Key Stage 2

We know that you are all doing the best you can to support your children with their home learning during this difficult period.

It is really important that some sort of routine is maintained while your child is at home. Setting a timetable can help them (and you) by providing opportunities for them to retain core skills and hopefully give you a few moments of sanity. So get creative and design your own home school timetable. Make sure you include all areas of learning to make it as exciting as possible.

Here are some ideas of things to include


The sites below offer a picture stimulus and questions to consider – a great way to maintain comprehension skills. Pobble also offers writing opportunities. Either way these could be used as the basis for fantastic short stories.

If you want to concentrate some time on spelling then click here for a link to the National Curriculum expectations for each year group. It details spelling rules each year should know and if you scroll to the bottom there a list of words specific to each age range.

Keep your vocabulary skills up to date by logging on to: 


David Walliams is always popular and he is releasing a daily reading from his collection.

Audible has also released many titles for free listening while schools are closed

Read theory is a free website that provides texts and accompanying comprehension questions.


White Rose maths is an invaluable resource to teachers and they have made a range of activities available at

Carol Vorderman has made her maths site free

Khan academy is a free site that offers excellent maths tutorial videos and activities

Challenge yourself! How well do you know your times tables? 


Explore an atlas or globe to increase your geography skills. Research countries and their capital cities. Use your knowledge to quiz each other, make a matching pairs game of or write a fact file about a place of your choice.

The National Geographic Explorer Classroom gives students a chance to hear real stories from real explorers – cutting-edge scientists and researchers, transformative educators and powerful storytellers.


There are many sites that offer drawing tutorials. gives step by step instructions and is very kid friendly.

Design & Technology

A range of Easter themed design challenges can be found at

Or if you have any Lego MasterBuilders in the house then Google the Lego 30 day challenge.


Myleene Klass and her daughters Ava and Hero are hosting an online music class. No instruments are needed, just go to


Try the daily Joe Wicks workout.

Use the garden to create an obstacle course. Can you beat your time?


Remember that this is only guidance for what you could do with your child. Use the links on the Home Learning Resources page and keep checking Purple Mash for things that have been added but there are many other things to do which are hugely valuable like spending time together reading, playing a game, baking, gardening and being outdoors; all of these are OK too.