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Welcome from the Principal - Mrs H O'Connor

Welcome to Maltby Redwood Academy.

At Redwood we believe that every child’s educational experience is unique. Our philosophy focuses on guiding every child through their individual learning journey. Through building self esteem and confidence we ensure that children develop as independent, resilient and motivated learners. To achieve this we have a fantastic staff who are committed to supporting, guiding and enabling your son/daughter to develop the skills they need to flourish in their education.

We demand the highest standards of behaviour and respect. To enable students to achieve this, we work hard with them to develop strong learning behaviours and a firm understanding of their rights and the rights of others. We aim to know every child, every parent and every family so that we can meet your son/daughter's needs and work with you to ensure they achieve their aims and aspirations.

At Redwood we aim for every child to be an achiever. In order to make this a reality we have a strong emphasis on literacy, maths and science skills within the context of a vibrant and creative curriculum. Through the use of interesting and exciting themes we ignite children’s love of education and ensure that they become engaged with the learning they are undertaking. We aim for children to develop a range of skills and use our extensive grounds with wildlife and woodland areas to bring learning to life for our children.

All children at Redwood take part in a variety of sporting activities. Sports provision, using specialist coaches, is part of the curriculum in all year groups, developing children’s skills from an early age. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including a range of musical, academic and sporting activities. All students have the chance to participate in inter-school sports competitions.

We aim to develop children into self reliant, independent learners. Every child in school knows what they need to do to improve in every aspect of their learning. To achieve this we give every child a target they need to focus on to make the next step on their learning journey. This means all children can take responsibility for their progress. Teachers work hard to make sure children always know what they are doing well and what they need to do to get better. We want your child to be motivated and to want to succeed.

Children should be happy at school and look back on their days there with fondness. We aim to bring your son/daughter’s education to life with presentations, visits and real life experiences. We want to ensure that every child’s learning journey is brought to life with as wide a variety of experiences as possible. Days to remember are what we do!

But don’t just take our word for it – please come and visit our school, meet the children and speak to the staff. I hope you will agree that Redwood Academy is a school to be proud of and one where your son/daughter can be happy, succeed and achieve.

Mrs H O'Connor