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A Big Thank You

In 1714 the Lord of the Manor of Maltby signed an agreement to set aside 12 acres of land to provide for a school in Maltby. This land was to be let and the income used to pay the school master to teach all children of Maltby. The children were taught for free. From this decision the Maltby Lands Foundation was formed and still exists today, regularly donating money to all schools in Maltby to provide equal opportunities for all pupils.

On behalf of the foundation, Alison Lamb and Jim Fletcher visited Maltby Redwood Academy on Monday 22nd October, to present a cheque for £400. The school will spend this on an ipad for KS1. During their visit, Alison and Jim enjoyed a tour of the school, led by three year 5 pupils - Lewis Adams, Christina Mountain and Libby Monks. All three pupils were complemented for their mature, knowledgable and enthusiastic manner during the tour. Alison and Jim also commented on how engaged and happy all children appeared to be in their learning and how vibrant the classrooms were. The Maltby Lands Foundation would also like to thank those children in Year 4 who were part of the musical evening in July at Maltby Academy, which raised over £900 towards the foundation.