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Big Acorns search for dinosaurs

Big Acorns dinosaur topic starts off with a bang!

In Big Acorn class, we have started our dinosaur topic off with a bang! The children were very excited and couldn't wait to share their ideas.

On the first day back we decided to make some dinosaur eggs. We used flour, salt, soil, sand and water to make the eggshell and we didn't know what was going to be inside when they hatched. We left them in the cupboard overnight to dry out and when we came back to school on Tuesday, the eggs had been STOLEN!! Dinosaur scientist Dr X had stolen the eggs and had hidden them from us.

We were very worried because we didn't want baby dinosaurs hatching out of the eggs and scaring everyone in school. We had to find them! So we made maps to find our way and binoculars to help us spot the dinosaur eggs. The children were very keen to go and find the eggs so we went on a Dinosaur Egg Hunt. We searched high and low, under tyres and over the field for clues to find the eggs. We eventually found some clues in the wildlife area. The children tiptoed in and began finding the eggs. We helped to hatch and found baby dinosaurs nestled inside. The children matched their dinosaurs to the pictures on the posters in the wildlife area and could name each dinosaur they had found. The children decided that the dinosaurs had been turned to plastic by a magic potion made by Dr X. 

Just as we were about to leave the wildlife area we heard a BANG! We thought that it was Dr X making sure that we had found all of the eggs and that we were looking after our new friends. The children decided that Dr X wasn't bad after all and that he wanted us to go on an adventure.

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