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Art plays an important role in our children’s education at Maltby Redwood. We firmly believe that all our children have the abilities and talents to become capable, innovative artists and designers no matter their creative background. As a school we aim to develop our children’s curiosity of the world around them and believe that Art plays a huge part in this by contributing to the children’s development in creativity, independence and self-reflection.   The use of well-structured creative lessons around art and design, is critical in nurturing the children’s fundamental skills. We believe that it is essential that children have the opportunities to master the basic skills in art and design in EYFS and KS1, allowing them to progressively build on these skills in KS2, where they encounter a wider variety of media and techniques. We strive to promote and develop our children’s critique whilst studying their own and others’ cultural backgrounds and a range of famous and local artists that they can reflect upon. The children will learn to evaluate and reflect upon different forms of art and understand how art contributes to the world around us. 

We believe that children are naturally creative, and that it is our job to offer them the freedom, space and materials to allow their creativity to grow and develop. 



At Redwood the children use sketch books to explore a range of techniques alongside other forms of Art materials. They will be given first-hand experiential opportunities from which they can observe and record their findings. They use drawings and sketches to develop their ideas and explore a wide range of styles and disciplines. They are involved in a range of tactile, sensory and visual experiences and are encouraged to explore and communicate their findings through a wide range of media.  We will devise clear, considered art lessons that present the children with chances to work with an assortment of media, including textiles, different papers or cards, watercolour paints and acrylic paints. Children will have the opportunity to visit art exhibitions, experience working with artists that come into school and collaborate with the art departments of our partner secondary schools within Maltby Learning Trust. 



We would like all children to leave Maltby Redwood as creative and critical thinkers. Our art and design curriculum will ensure all children are provided with ample opportunities to achieve these ambitious goals. We expect our children to take away the skills that they have acquired through school and apply them in other areas of their lives, both in their educational future and in aspects of their wider community.