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Through our computing curriculum, we aim to provide children with the skills and knowledge they need to immerse themselves in a rapidly changing world where technology is becoming ever more prevalent. Our computing curriculum is designed to develop children‛s curiosity and fascination about a range of technologies, including computer software and coding, data loggers and robots. Our curriculum learning will ensure that children develop respect though an age appropriate e-safety programme of study, becoming responsible digital citizens. We also intend to develop the children‛s ability to apply computing skills to enable them to confidently communicate their findings and understanding and to be able to use research and presenting skills across the curriculum. We are committed to providing children with opportunities to understand how local industries rely on technology and the opportunities this sector could hold for them. 



High quality teaching is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that prior knowledge, skills and vocabulary are built upon. Teachers use purple mash scheme of work and resources to ensure that learning is presented clearly and that misconceptions are identified and addressed to ensure that new knowledge is revisited and retained. Purple mash is a scheme of work that is aligned to the national curriculum and is intended to facilitate teachers in achieving the best outcomes for pupils regardless of starting points. It exposes pupils to a wide variety of skills, experiences and poignant, real-life scenarios which supports the notion of cultural capital; providing the foundations that lead to well-rounded global citizens. We also use the ICT with Mr P curriculum to enhance our provision. 

Interest in computing learning is promoted through enquiry- based, practical approaches- teachers ensure that learning is practical and uses a range of technologies and digital platforms, organise visits/visitors and create opportunities for children to share learning with family and wider audiences within the community. When delivering learning sequences, teachers will promote child- generated questions. Cross- curricular outcomes are specifically planned for, with strong links between computing and science as well as design technology.  Teachers provide opportunities for independent research and collaboration to ensure that children are able to transfer their skills across subject domains. 

Technology is not only used in computing lessons or to teach the computing curriculum. We firmly believe that the creative use of ICT will enhance all curriculum areas and staff are creative in planning for these opportunities. Pupils benefit from access to a wide range of hardware (iPads, android tablets, laptops, desktops, green screen technology etc.) and an array of software all chosen to complement the curriculum. 



Our Computing Curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. Our children will be digitally literate: they will be confident to use a range of technologies, inquisitive about new technologies and will be able to access a range of digital media safely and respectfully.  We are proud to be a NOS accredited school and all staff, pupils and parents have access to a wide range of up to date resources and information on keeping themselves safe in the digital age.