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Religious Education is non-denominational and taught through our topic approach as well as in separate RE lessons and through assemblies. The aim of religious education is to enable children to develop an understanding of the nature of religion, its beliefs and practices. Children acquire knowledge of religion, exploring and reflecting on human experience, as well as developing sensitive attitudes will achieve this. Children will be encouraged to develop sensitive attitudes towards others. 

Parents retain the right to withdraw their children from religious education. In such cases, this is done after prior arrangement with the Principal, and alternative arrangements are made.

There are regular acts of collective worship for each child, sometimes as a whole school or in a smaller group. This is an important feature of school life, and a positive focus of its ethos and values.  Parents also retain the right to withdraw their children from collective worship by prior arrangement with the Principal.

As part of our ethos we value the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education and provide opportunities for pupils to have ‘reflection’. This is often delivered within RE or PSHE.  

How we impart British values is covered in a separate section on the website.