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Elm, Year 4

Welcome to Elm, Year 4

Year 4  is a considerate, compassionate  learning community, who are working hard to be good 'Maltby Citizens'. 

We demonstrate our values of Achievement, Excellence and Opportunities by:

  • Being independent and motivated learners
  • Being supportive and considerate of one another
  • Joining in with as many new experiences as possible



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Our Big Question is: What makes our planet unique?

The question 'What makes our planet unique' focuses on both the physical and human geography of Planet Earth. Starting with what the Earth is made of, we will also explore how mountains and rivers impact both the landscape and the settlement of people. We will be exploring volcanoes, where they are found, what they are made of and what happens when they erupt, zooming in on Pompeii as a historical eruption to compare with modern day eruptions. We will also discover more about survival and Extreme Earth events such as earthquakes and tsunamis, looking at both modern and historical sources of evidence.

We will use our skills of discussion and debate to explore the question, 'Should people live near volcanoes or in areas where they know natural disasters are likely to occur?' .

Our exceptional experience, will be a trip to Magna to explore the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water elements and our final celebration event will be a gallery of our work. 

Using a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, we will build on our reading fluency and stamina, at the same time building our technical vocabulary and understanding of the Geography and Science of Planet Earth.  




  • Highest mountain, deepest ocean 
  • Escape from Pompeii
  • The pebble in my pocket
  • When the giant stirred
  • King of the Cloud Forest


  • Survivors 
  • Earth shattering events 
  • Under Earth, Under water 


  • Once upon a raindrop
  • The River