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Pine, Year 3

Welcome to Pine, Year 3

Year 3  is a positive, brave learning community, who are working hard to explore the new opportunities available to them as they move into Key Stage 2. 

We demonstrate our values of Achievement, Excellence and Opportunities by:

  • Always giving our best
  • Having high expectations of ourselves and each other
  • Being brave enough to try lots of new things



Our Big Question is: What is home?

The question ' What is home?' focuses on the period of history from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We will explore life as a caveman and the developments and benefits that came with the discovery of bronze and later iron-making techniques. 

Using a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, we will build on our reading fluency and stamina, at the same time building our technical vocabulary and understanding of what was a significant period in history. 


We are reading:

  • Stone Age Boy
  • Ug
  • How to wash a woolly mammoth
  • The Ice Monster
  • A selection of non-fiction texts
  • A selection of poetry