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Willow, Year 1

Welcome to Willow!

Year 1 is a unique and exciting learning community, who are working hard to develop our team spirit and work together on our new challenges. 

We demonstrate our values of Achievement, Excellence and Opportunities by:

  • Working together to learn from each other
  • Always trying our hardest
  • Having a go at as many new things as possible


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Our big Question is 'Where is Maltby?'

Our geography focus for this half-term is “Where is Maltby?”. We will start by identify simple types of buildings and places around me and using first-hand observation to investigate places, the school grounds, the streets around and the local area.

Our science focus this half-term is animals including humans. Identify and group a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will be finding out about and describing the basic needs of animals, including humans. We will describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals (including pets).


  • The little Red Riding hood.
  • Honestly, Red Riding Hood, was Rotten.
  • A selection of non-fiction texts
  • A selection of poetry