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Willow, Year 1

Welcome to Willow!

Year 1 is a unique and exciting learning community, who are working hard to develop our team spirit and work together on our new challenges. 

We demonstrate our values of Achievement, Excellence and Opportunities by:

  • Working together to learn from each other
  • Always trying our hardest
  • Having a go at as many new things as possible


Our big question is: What is home?

We are currently exploring where we live (study of the local area) and comparing this to other places around the world. We will consider how our local area is similar and different to other parts of the world before thinking about where we would like to live if we had the choice. 



  • Paddington 
  • Lost and Found
  • Tree (Seasons come, seasons go)
  • The Storm Whale
  • A selection of non-fiction texts
  • A selection of poetry